Trend Reporting is an independent trend forecasting firm searching for the next steps in tech, business and consumer behaviour evolution.
Our mission is to provide Future Trend Reports translated into a language that everyone can understand and take action.

Our Story

As a group of entrepreneurs ourselves, we found ourselves constantly trying to find the next big idea or market change that could impact our businesses. From an informal group gathering, we developed a curating methodology that became a trending firm.

  • Easy to Understand Reports
  • Multiple Business Ideas to Inspire You
  • Affordable Subscription
  • New Reports Pubslished Every Month


Years of Existence


Reports Created

Trend Reporting has been helping companies and entrepreneurs around the world to identify future business opportunities


Our History Timeline

It took us quite some time to get here, but we are proud of all the steps and experiences we gathered through time

About 10 years of doing this, first for ourselves, second to a close group of entrepreneurs friends, and finally as a platform for everyone interested around the globe.


Rebranded Website Launch

This website is brand new, and we finally have an affordable subscription offer to help entrepreneurs worldwide.


Consulting Services Launched

Our group started to become popular among friends of friends, and the first consulting gigs emerged from that. It was a good experience, but we prefer to create reports freely from clients’ demands.


First Report Published

Our meeting notes finally took the form of a report. It was an attempt to put on slides everything that was shared in our meetings.


Trend Reporting is born

Following the experience as mentors at a startup accelerator, a group of entrepreneurs formed a group to share and discuss technology and business trends.

What People Say

Here are some testimonials of some of the early users of our new report formats.
They were our early adopters and gave us the feedback needed to get here where we are.

I’ve been one of the early users of the invite-only group. It’s like my entrepreneurial mind just got a new open door that can better see where the world is heading. My decision-making has improved a lot, and the premium subscription is already paying itself by a large sum of revenue stream our new products are generating.


Founder of Multiple E-commerce Companies

Trend Reporting succeeds where most trend reports and agencies failed before. Their reports are simple, objective, and filled with many examples to give you a broad example of trends happening and not just some random idea of something that may or may not happen someday. I’ve been part of the early release, and it’s been, and since then, it has changed my career.


Marketing Specialist Freelancer for Silicon Valley Companies

Sometimes, when I’m reading one of the reports, I can’t help myself but think: “I wish more people knew about this trend.” And whenever I talk about a trend to a friend or mentee, it always blows their minds. There’s so much going on now, going unnoticed, but that one day may be the new normal. It’s crazy!


Mentor and Angel Investor

I used to think that trends were something only marketing or business development professionals would enjoy. I can now say that trends were able to help me to think of new formats and ways to run the operations of my business. There’s always an insight worth exploring.


Operations at Software Development Agency